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We can assist with the preparation of individuals Federal and State tax returns and we can use this opportunity to consider your assets and investments and their tax efficiency.
our clients have lived in the other countries for a number of years and will have large parts of their life arranged in the other country, for these people our ability to handle both resident country and US taxes will be invaluable to ensure taxes are paid to the right jurisdiction, foreign tax credits are claimed where necessary, the Treaty between the two countries are considered and penalties are avoided. Plus, do not forget all the reporting for foreign assets and accounts which includes the separate foreign bank account report filing which is actually a separate return.



in service

  • Claimed all possible credits and deductions
  • Correctly filled out the required forms
  • Handling complexities of taxation in multiple countries, availing the benefits of double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA)
  • Declaration of foreign assets for any residents (Schedules FA, FSI and TR in the Income Tax Return))
  • Get E-mail/Skype/Phone any-time assistance


it’s beneficial

  • US citizens, green card holders and US residents are generally required to file a US Federal Tax Return (Form 1040)
  • In addition, certain non US persons may have a US filing requirement where they have investments or assets in the US or conduct business in the US or travel to the US as part of their employment
  • Non- resident individuals (as per US Law) will be required to file a non-resident tax return (Form 1040-NR). Even where the tax treaty between the resident country and US applies or not many US states may still have a filing requirement
  • Indian citizens working on-site, at client locations at USA


  • Purchase Plan
  • Provide information and details as required
  • Provide Explanation of transactions (If needed) to understand it properly
  • get the computation report of the return to be filled
  • get the reurn filled



  • KYC Information
  • Details of any Income earned in US
  • Details of Income earned Outside US
  • Details of tax deducted in US and outside US
  • Bank statement
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