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In a rapidly developing country like India, the non-governmental organizations known as NGOs, are increasingly playing a great role. They establish a balance between the state and citizens to ensure easy access to fundamental rights and state or central government's developmental schemes. They are the interface between the common people and government administration. An NGO's role in systematizing the services for the masses is vital for the healthy functioning of any democracy. For kick starting an NGO, it requires understanding of certain procedures and laws. Consult MyTax service page will provide you through the procedure for setting up and register in an NGO. Having good cause to help the society, we are here to give a legal framework to your cause, under section 8 of Companies Act of India.



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  • Filing of E-forms with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)
  • Digital Signature Certificates (2 nos.)
  • Name approval (RUN - Reserve Uniqe Name)
  • Filing of SPICe form
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Association (MOA) & Articles of Association (AOA)
  • PAN Application
  • TAN Applicaiton
  • Issue of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Issue of Section 8 NGO license
  • Includes Govt Fees & Stamp duty for Authorized Capital uptoRs. 10 Lakh
  • Excludes foreign national or Foreign Body Corporate as a director OR business that need approval from RBI, SEBI or IRDA for incorporation


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  • A group of any number of people desirous of forming a section 8 company
  • Existing registered trust
  • Existing registered Society


  • Purchase plan
  • DSC Application
  • Company Name Reservation with RUN
  • Filing of e-Forms with ROC
  • Receipt of Incorporation Certificate



  • Passport size photos of directors
  • Address proof of directors
  • Photo ID proof of directors
  • Specimen signature
  • Self declaration about your directorship in other companies
  • Rent agreement of your registered office
  • No objection certificate from the owner

Other Information

All the documents mentioned above are required to be submitted in duplicate, together with the required registration fee. The registrar’s office issues a certificate to the society, upon receiving the set of documents. The certificate is issued once the verification procedure is complete.
Select an appropriate name for your society which is the basic step in laying the foundation of the NGO. While choosing name you must be careful as Societies Registration Act, 186 The Act doesn’t permit use of similar or identical names. Furthermore, the proposed name must not suggest any kind of patronage by the government of India. It should not be under the restricted list of names as per the provisions of Emblems and Names Act, 1950.
Please make sure you have registered your NGO with Indian guideline, refer: http://ngo.india.gov.in/auth/default.
Please Note: All NGO Domain name will be verified for registered NGO.

What are the different most sought NGO’s in India ?

  • National NGO
  • International NGO
  • Community based NGO
  • City based NGO

Which societies can be registered ?

NGOs in India are registered under a central Act called Societies Registration Act, 1860. The given societies can be registered under the Section 20 of the Act  :

  • Charitable Societies
  • Military Orphan Funds or Societies.
  • Societies established for the promotion of Science, Literature, or the fine arts.
  • Societies established for the instruction, and diffusion of useful knowledge.
  • Societies established for the foundation or maintenance of libraries or reading rooms for general use among the members or open to the public.
  • Societies established for the foundation or maintenance of public museums and galleries of paintings and other works of art.
  • Societies established for the collection of natural history, mechanical and philosophical inventions.

What are the steps for Renewal procedure ?

  • Managing Committee members need to fill a renewal of certification of registration form for the renewal purpose. It is available at the Registrar’s office.
  • All NGOs registered, have to get their certificate of registration renewed regularly after every five years.
  • Fee equal to the registration fee incase the NGO’s registration tenure has not run out.
  • A list of the names of member of the managing committee of the NGO after its registration approved.
  • The NGO’s income and expenditure account for the current and previous year.

If the submission of these documents and the associated fee procedures are followed, the registration of the NGO will be renewed.

What is the minimum number of people required to start an NGO?

To start a NGO in Trust registration, you need at least 2 people. To start an NGO in Society registration, you need at least 7 people. To start an NGO at a nation level, you need at least 8 people.

Can NGO members receive a salary for living expenses?

Yes. As an employee, you will get a salary, although NGOs are nonprofits. They need employees to make NGOs functional.      

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